Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips 1:Losing Weight...

Most girls mesti ada rasa tak puas hati dengan mana-mana part badan kiter kan..
same as me..but i have to lose a lot
since i'm gaining weight without losing for about 4 years
now, i only got the awareness..
but why now? dunno..suddenly its happen when i'm thinking about my health
i'm worried i will get hypertension or diabetes or heart attack..
therefore, i'm not going through a crush diet..

i'm here to share my experience and knowledge
and people, feel free to ask me anything
i love to share

i'm already diet for about 1 1/2 month,
and i already lose 7.5 kg..
isn't that great..

it's easy actually..
i'm not cutting my portion size dramatically
i substitute them with something healthier or less calories

the first tip i'm going to share with you is
how to locate the food in your plate

pinggan tu kita bahagikan kepada empat
3-ikan/ayam/lain2 lauk (protein)

like this...

senang je kan..
untuk lauk-lauk macam ikan or ayam ke or ape-ape pun
kalau boleh, ambil yang masak berkuah tapi tak payah ambik kuah

so remember guys, divide your plate into 4...




CrysJoan said...

heyyy.. happy for your weight loss.. I pulak x turun2.. sedeyyyyy

PhotoFreak said...

haha..try la wei..macam aku wat..
nanti aku bagi tips lagi
senang je..tak terasa beban pn.

CrysJoan said...

dah try portion2 nih... tp berat badan kekal..hahahha!! well at least x naik lah.. huhu.. maybe nk kene jogging keliling satu utm nih.. hahahaha... okeh I nk ikut tips2 ko lak.. huhu..

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