Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Plus Sizers!!!!

hola gal out there,
if u are in size range uk16 until uk 22
we are from the same team...
gimme 5, 10, 20...

plus sizer,
masalah selalu berlaku:

1. masuk shopping store, belek-belek baju semua kecik-kecik. tak ada size.
2. kalau ada pun, very limited and already out of  fashion
3. some shopping store like Jusco (now known as AEON), Tesco show some concern..They got plus size range which are affordable
4. banyak blog-blog, tunjukkan fashion untuk orang-orang kurus.tapi takde pun yang tunjukkan blogger plus sizer yg fashionable. kalau ada tolong comment kat bawah..nanti leh wat entry khas..hehe

let me introduce you to Curvy Girl Chic,
plus size blogger, her sense of fashion i think we can try to blend it with M'sia surrounding

here are some example...

modest kan?

and here some more..

                                                       and yes, she really love clutch

oh, kalau yg pakai short skirt or short jeans tu
kiter boleh alter sendiri kan
pakai dengan long skirt & long jeans
look modest and suit with hijabers

and my favourite outfit,

so, wait you waiting for girls,
pimp your wardrobe..
sape cakap plus sizer tak boleh fashionable..

do checkout her awesome blog..



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